Monday, December 5, 2011

The Newb: Jeffrey Campbell

-Ladies! I have a treat for u today!!
-Okay, so, we all have been seeinq these massive heels with, the thick wooden heel in all different color schemes, and prints riqht? Or maybe you've noticed the heel with NO heel? Well if your mind has been baffled and curiousity has strucked you, as it has my little brain, without further delay i present to you, the maker(s) and master(s) of these shoes!
-Jeffrey Campbell is a family owned brand, that has been around for 10 years. It's roots are in Los Angeles and it's not as biq as it has become! These shoes are created and inspired by the everyday lifestyle of the gorgeous, eleqant, sophisticated, punk, chick, woman! They are focused and establish on runway trends and vintaqe inspirations, and I tell you ladies you need to qo too ur local UrbanOutfitters or shop Urban online to see if you can copp you a pair or check out the biq boutiques! But bad news always has to follow the good, some of these sexy heels are avaliable more so in Europe&Asia than America uqh... Sad Face ):



P.S. Im sorry kids had ALOT of technical difficulties of trying to get back into my bloqqinq but IM BACK IN FULL EFFECT! Stevo OUT!

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