Sunday, May 15, 2011

-CelebFresh: Kanye West

-Yeezy, is a beast! Now, when Kanye first hit the scene, he was already different and fresh. From the shutter shades to the Air Yeezys. Yeezy is very innovative and what I like most about Yeezy is that he's his own stylist! He has several shoe endorsments with Nike&Louis and all his sneaks are fresh. West's FootSauce is screaminq HOT! His toes burn with every pair of loafers&sneaks. He's not afraid of what the press has to say, he has been siqnified as qay because of his swaq but, what man with a passion, interest, and ambition for fashion hasn't? Yeezy is qonna do what Yeezy does best, is be blunt and say what he wants to, and continue to make music that is fire! Yeezy even says himself, "He'd rather be hated for what he is, than loved for what he's not." And for that, my fresh fella, makes you a kinq [ Not a God Yeezy ] but a Kinq. You have socked all these SwaqqerJackers in the mouth and told them , "Look! Beyonce had the best video of all time." But you know those SwaqqerJackers qone hate reqardless cause in the midst of it all you came back on top of your A Game and I commend Yeezy for that!

 Sincerely Yours,


  1. Cool! You look a bit like him actually :)

  2. omg you looked like kanye at first glance :) wow! i hope you could visit my blog sometimes.. following you now :) follow me too?
    thank you!