Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Stevooo, what are SwaqqerJackers?

-Well my friend, SwaqqerJackers are those Swipers, of swaq, your style, versatility, & creativity. They are haters that will try to bash your why of life. But, a loser point to this is that you should not be surprise catchinq them wearinq your latest steeze. When you qet a fresh pair of FeetSauce they will qet the same pair. NOTE: FeetSauce are sneakers. When you qet a new shirt, they will qo qet the same shirt! They crave to be like you, they crave to have style like you. They would die without tryinq to swaq it out like you. They are identity theifs they can't find their self so they try to find him/her throuqh you. For some like me, Its the God in me, and for others its just whatever. But beware of those SwaqqerJackers. Jacker No Jackinq! Jacker No Jackinq!

Sincerely Yours

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