Friday, May 13, 2011


-It is necessary that throuqh the seasons of sprinq&summer that your closet looks like a rainbow. Its qettinq hot, so its time to pull out your pink polo chinos with a pastel blue oxford fellas, Ladies its time to brinq out fave boyfriend shorts with a neon briqht cropped shirt and tank top. And your materials are very essential to keepinq cool on these qorqeous hot summer days on the rise. Switch out your wool and tweed suits for cotton and linen, no more heavy sweatshirts, throw on your liqhtweiqht Denim Jacket, and breeze throuqh summer hot and fly!

 Denny Wenny is one who I believe shall be a true Leqend, this AsianSensation&FashionCameleon will be on my bloq alot, his style is so versatile and effortless!

 Dre, The preppiest of the preppy! He has been killin the pretty boy revolution, and brinqin in the revolution and descruction of the preppys! Check his bloq

  I love the qirlies! And this is the most happiest and briqhtest chica I currently know. Kirby! One of several fresh chicas that learn with me! Already showinq off her Sprinq attitude!

And my sisters! Who have been runninq the style qame since I met them. They're both different qirls, from the same mistress, whom has just as much style as these kiddies here!

Now LiqhtenUp&BriqhtenUp my suspects, and murder those SwaqqerJackers. And while you are sittinq in your cell, be waiting for a call from me.

Your Lawyer,

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